Our farm

Shungo Tola: A permaculture demostration farm high in the Ecuatorian Andes

Located at 7,000 ft in the Andes, 76 miles from Quito, Shungo Tola is a working organic farm and a center for the diffusion of the spirit and practice of permaculture.


In addition to farming, we are interested in construction with traditional materials— “bio-construction”. We use recycled and alternative materials that integrate with the land through different techniques: we favor energy-efficiency kitchens, showers and other household services, we use biodigesters, and we collect and mineralize rainwater.


Shungo Tola is agriculturally self-sufficient. The plantings include all kinds of vegetables and fruits in an edible forest garden that has over a hundred organic species in just one half hectare. We integrate various farm animals,  and we produce our own compost and organic matter to achieve balance in all crops. The farm produces a surplus available to the local community.

Shungo Tola offers the opportunity to live the experience of sustainable tourism, focused on the care of nature with the comforts of a healthy life. We also offer courses, workshops, and lectures, as well as consultations in the areas of permaculture.


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Shungo Tola is located in the village of San Miguel de Urcuquí, the heart of the northern highlands of Ecuador. By car, it is two and one half hours from Quito, two hours from the border with Colombia, two hours from the beach of San Lorenzo.
Nearby options are city of Ibarra and the natural mineral water baths at Santagua  de Chachimbiro. The new Ecuadorian educational center, Yachay Tech University, is ten minutes away. The farm fronts on the paved road to Ibarra, and regular bus service stops nearby.



In Quechua, the language of the Incas, Shungo Tola means sacred place of the heart. This ancient name was engraved on the map of the property when we purchased it from the prior owners.
Some details of the property:
Crops: More than a hundred varieties of edible organic crops, including vegetables, fruit trees and herbs.
Permaculture projects: Keyhole garden, double-dug vegetable beds, fish ponds for trout, tilapia, and carp, greenhouse, mobile henhouse, Andean corn field, gray water biofilters, drinking water filters; rainwater mineralization.
Energy: Electric – induction and solar.
Fires: traditional oven, fireplace with heat conduction oven and rocket stove, Andean tullpa, solar oven.